What impact will the Poriot mainnet launch on the Metaverse Circuit?

Now, the concept of “metaverse” has become a rare bright spot in the blockchain encryption industry.

Blockchain metaverse concept projects such as Axie Infinty, My Neighbor Alice, Sandbox, Decentraland have been greatly sought after by the market. Whether it is on-chain land auctions, encrypted asset prices, or the number of active users, they are all in the current weak market , Created an amazing growth.

What is the real metaverse?

Metaverse, a mixture of the words Meta and Universr, is a concept born in science fiction 29 years ago.

Generally speaking, the simple definition of meta universe is: an immersive virtual digital space that can map the real world.

Roblox has listed 8 key characteristics for the metaverse, namely: Identity, Economy, Immersive, Anywhere, Low Friction, Variety, Civility, Friends.

If these characteristics are summarized in one sentence: a person with a “virtual” identity can access this virtual world anytime and anywhere, and this world has self-developing cultural content and economic system, and always maintains a safe and stable environment. Operation, but also can meet the needs of individual social, gaming, economic life and other needs.

If you understand the definition of metaverse, then these key features are logical. They are like parallel digital time and space of real human society. It is necessary to replicate the underlying logic of the real world as much as possible, such as personal identity, asset confirmation, social interaction, Culture and so on.

So, what will the blockchain bring to the metaverse?

In the setting of Metaverse, there are two key points, namely the user’s asset rights and social identity, which are the Identity and Economy issues mentioned above.

Since the metaverse is a mapping of the real society, complete economic operation rules are necessary, and blockchain and encrypted assets provide a practical solution.

First of all, the emergence of blockchain NFT can well realize the capitalization of virtual items and the confirmation of assets; second, DeFi and NFT can be extended to the content, intellectual property rights, records and identity certification, financial documents, etc. of the metaverse. A financial system that can accommodate more diversified assets, clear property rights, and transparency and autonomy has been created to support the construction of metaverse civilization.

Based on this, there is no difference between the labor creation, production, and transaction of people in the metaverse and the labor creation, production, and transaction in real life. For example, a virtual house built by a user in the meta universe can be easily traded without being restricted by the platform and replaced with other items in the metaverse or the real universe.

In the real metaverse, playing games is even more play to earn, which is why blockchain games like Axie and Decentraland are far less than traditional sandbox games, but because there are real virtual assets. Rights, players are naturally willing to participate in the construction.

In addition, NFT can easily realize the transfer and exercise of assets, and a series of corresponding permissions and operations are based on decentralization, which greatly enhances the efficiency of asset transactions and circulation in Metaverse. As the biggest advocate of Metaverse in recent years, the CEO of Epic Game, said: “Metaverse will be an unprecedented large-scale participatory medium with a fair economic system, and all creators can participate and receive rewards.”

What are the advantages of Poriot, which is a blockchain 3.0 public chain, that is more suitable for Metaverse applications than the current public chain? Mainly focus on the following three points:

1)Make the gas fee of the transaction close to 0 (only 4 micro Usdt Gas fee per transaction);

2) In terms of TPS, business delay, gas fee, security, etc., it far exceeds the current mainstream public chain ( Including but not limited to BitCoin, Ethereum, FileCoin, etc);

3) Adopt multiple cross-chain mechanisms to couple with multiple public chains to seamlessly connect Poriot with existing and future rich blockchains. Poriot enables applications and NFT transactions to be seamlessly switched and flowed between Poriot and other public chains;

Poriot is a native public chain with a POR mechanism created by combining the advantages of PoS. http://t.me/PoriotGlobal