The contribution of the mining machine is not only in the currency, but also in the application and social benefits

In the face of mining machines on the market, apart from producing coins, they cause a huge waste of resources. For example, Bitcoin mining machines consume a lot of power resources in addition to mining, and CPU performance has no basic computing power except for mining, and It is easy to be scrapped, causing great waste, and there is no application or social value. The POR mechanism is no longer just for mining coins. The POR mechanism must have a total of five resources at the same time: 1. Computing power resources, 2. Bandwidth resources, 3. Storage resources, 4. Network resources, 5. Data resources; and divide the weight of all resources of the mining machine at least 80% to serve the ecology and applications on the chain. This means that only 20% of the resources are used for mining, and 80% of the resources are used to contribute to the chain. Instead of the previous POW consensus mechanism, 100% of the resources are used for mining, which completely solves the problem of on-chain carrying capacity.

In the Poriot network, the more DApps on the chain, the more DApps need to contribute 80% of the resources. Therefore, the more DApps on the chain, the more resources on the chain, instead of the Ethereum chain. The more DAPP, the greater its load, because of the serious lack of space and serious congestion. In this Poriot public chain, the more DAPPs on the chain, the more resources, and the more resources, the more coins will be mined, and the more coins will be mined, attracting more applications into the ecosystem, and the better the ecological development, thus forming a positive Circulation, this is the real value ecological model of the blockchain.

Poriot is a native public chain with a POR mechanism created by combining the advantages of PoS.