Prospects of ZK market performance after Poriot mainnet goes live

With the launch of the Poriot public chain mainnet, the popularity of Poriot continues to increase globally. Since the launch of the ZK futures price, the performance has also risen rapidly. Some people say that after the Poriot mainnet is launched, the price of ZK currency will skyrocket. What will happen? Next, let’s analyze the performance of the ZK coin price after the Poriot mainnet is launched, and whether it can perform well!

ZK’s allocation model
We all know that from the distribution model, ZK issued a total of 330 million pieces, of which 89.4% were rewarded to miners, and the remaining 10.6% was released for creation nodes and cornerstone investment. Among them, the foundation was 5%, the early incentive was 3.85%, and the early contribution was white. The list is 0.6%, the technical team is 0.4%, and the community operation is 0.75%; the total subtotal of the 10.6% coins is: 330 million * 10.6% = 34980000 ZK, which will be mined at one time and released in batches. From the distribution model, it can be seen that there were fewer ZK circulating tokens in the early days, which is why many people speculate that ZK will skyrocket after the Poriot mainnet is launched.

ZK’s pledge mechanism
Moreover, in order to ensure Poriot security, the system requires synchronization nodes to pledge ZK to obtain security. Poriot has two synchronization node pledge mechanisms: initial pledge and block reward pledge. This pledge mechanism will further restrict the circulation of the entire ZK token.

First of all, in the future, because 89.4% of the tokens are actually mined by miners, plus the pledge mechanism, the actual liquidity of the tokens obtained by the miners will be reduced. The second is that these miners who enter the market later need to buy or lease tokens in the market to participate in mining, so on the other hand, it will also restrict the circulation of tokens.

ZK’s market expectations
As for the performance of the ZK coin price after the Poriot mainnet is launched, it mainly depends on market expectations and the reaction of market participants. In the market, price fluctuations reflect the fluctuations in the investment sentiment of market participants, and vice versa. The fluctuations in investment sentiment of market participants directly affect price fluctuations.

The official launch of the Poriot mainnet means that the development of this public chain has entered a new era. This major action is bound to push ZK’s attention and popularity to the short-term extreme. At the same time, the token ZK will be logged in to multiple transactions. Platform, by the way, will bring in a lot of funds in the market, but the actual ZK spot in the market is limited.

Therefore, in the case of relatively small ZK circulation in the early stage, there must be a very large speculation space, and the future Poriot market share will definitely become larger and larger over time, so the corresponding ZK currency future currency There will also be a lot of room for the price. From these perspectives, the price of the currency after the Poriot mainnet is launched will not be much lower than our expectations!

Poriot is a native public chain with a POR mechanism created by combining the advantages of PoS.