Poriot ushered in an important moment, the mainnet will be launched this month

Good news, your long-awaited Poriot mainnet will be officially launched in August. At present, many organizations are already negotiating with Poriot to innovate based on Poriot public chain technology and extend its application ecology.

The launch of the public chain is an important step in the construction of the bottom layer of Poriot’s ecological development. After the public chain is launched, what functions and applications will Poriot implement?

First of all, of course, the function of the Payport wallet will be more powerful. During the testnet period, Payport has realized ETH and USDT, layer1 and layer2 with zero loss of deposit and withdrawal and mutual transfer. Then when the Poriot mainnet goes online, PayPort Wallet (wallet) will gradually open web3, smart contracts and other security interfaces for DApp to call, which can realize interaction with DeFi, NFT and other fields, making PayPort Wallet a ready-made wallet for DApp developers Tools. In the future DApp ecosystem, application developers can develop a wealth of mobile phone, desktop client and browser-side DApps to integrate with PayPort Wallet wallet interface. At that time, users can choose to communicate with PayPort Wallet through any terminal in any location with Internet. The DAPP interacts, while ensuring the security of the user’s wallet, allowing users to quickly and effectively use the rich DApp on the Poriot chain.

Secondly, with the launch of the Poriot mainnet, the POR proof mechanism will be able to be tested and verified in a better native system. While waiting for the POR consensus 1.0 to go online, POR will verify computing resources, storage resources, network resources, and Internet of Things resources. , Data resources are weighted and integrated to build a true decentralized P2P public chain network structure. Poriot will realize that it will provide effective resource support with easy expansion and high TPS for the bearer of massive enterprise-level large-scale Web3DApp applications.

Finally, this Poriot mainnet will be launched at the same time as mining. Poriot will bring a more efficient mining experience to miners around the world. Let us look forward to it together.

Poriot is a native public chain with a POR mechanism created by combining the advantages of PoS. http://t.me/PoriotGlobal