On October 31, 2021, “Poriot Summit Forum-Chengdu Station” was successfully held

On October 31, 2021, hosted by Poriot Consensus Alliance (China), with the theme of Poriot mainnet launch, the 2021 Poriot Summit Forum-Chengdu, to discuss how new and old miners can gain more wealth and wisdom in the new Poriot ecosystem The grand opening of the station.

This meeting invited Director Zhao Yongliang of the China Digital Reform Professional Committee. He will give a welcome speech for this meeting and bring opportunities and challenges in China’s digital economy reform. At the same time, he will also be the leader of the Poriot (China) Consensus Alliance, Lin Shuai. Sir, he will bring an analysis of the unprecedented changes in the blockchain world, and an analysis of the investment in the Poriot industrial chain. In addition, many blockchain industry representatives and industry elites at home and abroad attended this conference as guests.

At the beginning of the meeting, Zhao Yongliang, Deputy Secretary-General of the China Circulation Industry Management and Ideological and Political Work Research Association and Director of the Digital Reform Professional Committee first delivered an important speech on the current development status of China’s entire blockchain industry and the status of China’s entity companies. How does blockchain technology empower China’s real economy and how Poriot’s public chain brings convenience, practicability, and speed to China’s real economy.

The leader of the Poriot Consensus Alliance (China) is also an excellent evangelist. From the origin of Poriot, Poriot solved the expansion problem of the entire industry chain, and then to POR superimposed on IOT for the first time to generate social benefits for mining machines, and analyzed in detail the ownership of POR. The iterative update of the resource proof consensus mechanism, and the application value and social value of Poriot.

Mr. Lin Shuai of Poriot Consensus Alliance (China) talked about the unprecedented changes in the blockchain world, from the domestic and international environment to the current status of the blockchain. He expressed the real situation of the current blockchain environment. He was in the meeting for the first time Speaking of the first ecological CrownSwap (color crown) on the Poriot public chain, he said that decentralized exchanges are the general trend in the future.

So far, this Poriot Summit Forum-Chengdu Station has come to a successful conclusion. As all our guests said, Poriot not only solves the problem of the expansion of the entire industry chain, but also receives the high attention of the entire industry and contributes to the backbone of the data reform. With lock-up and pledge, the value of ZK is immeasurable in the future. Poriot has great potential to improve many industries, many applications and systems, and truly leads the blockchain 3.0 era.

Poriot is a native public chain with a POR mechanism created by combining the advantages of PoS. http://t.me/PoriotGlobal