How will Poriot generate social benefits

1.ZK rewards activating tens of billions of IoT devices, so that the Poriot ecology continues to circulate, and provides scientific and technological power for humans to explore the unknown.

Mankind has entered the era of the Internet of Everything. There are more than tens of billions of Internet of Things devices all over the world. The Internet of Things has been widely used in industrial interconnection, logistics, supply chain, environmental monitoring, urban management, traceability, scientific and technological exploration and other fields. Through Internet of Things perception, big data analysis and mining, AI control and other technologies, humans continue to explore and use orderly laws in the chaotic universe; the blockchain is inherently a decentralized P2P architecture, which is a pair with the Internet of Things The twin brothers, based on the Internet of Things resources and their perceived data, rely on the Poriot network and the rich DApps carried on it to perform calculation analysis, data storage, and network circulation, and use ZK to provide incentives based on their contributions, so that the Poriot ecosystem continues to circulate. Provide technology source power for mankind to explore the unknown.

2. The POR consensus mechanism provides effective resource support with easy expansion and high TPS for the bearer of massive enterprise-level large-scale Web3 DApp applications.

Through POR, computing resources, storage resources, network resources, Internet of things resources, data resources to perform weight integration and build a decentralized P2P public chain network structure, and provide effective resource support with easy expansion and high TPS for the carrier of massive enterprise-level large-scale Web3 DApp applications.

Proof of Owned Resource is a new value-based consensus proof mechanism that forms a Poriot-based ZK incentive, encourages miners to contribute mining machine resources, and breaks through the excessive use of PoW in blockchain technology. Resource waste, to achieve the maximum benefit utilization of mining machine resources; so that the mining machine can serve all the ecology and applications on the chain; realize the great carrying capacity on the Poriot chain.

In the future, based on Poriot, it will not only realize the cross-chain integration of industrial formats, but also realize the one-click on-chain of traditional enterprises and businesses, and provide traditional enterprises with inexhaustible development momentum.

Poriot is a native public chain with a POR mechanism created by combining the advantages of PoS.